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Enlightened Simplicity


Can College Students Solve America's Hunger Crisis? (2:42)

Start-ups And Organizations Take On America's Food Waste Challenge (8:49)

$1 Homemade Solar Shower (2:55)

$100 Cabin Made Of Wood And Old Billboard (6:59)

12 Cubed Micro Home (2:11)

32 Bizarre Almost- Free Decorating and Furnishing Ideas (4:36)

5 Green Resolutions (2:31)

A Healthier, Gentler Philosophy Of Success (16:52)

A Rich Life With Less Stuff (14:57)

A voice of the future from 1970 (12:09)

Affluenza (56:04)

Air B & B: Sharing Economy (12:50)

Amazing Things Made From Old Pallets (2:32)

America's First Tiny House Hotel (11:46)

America's Free Health Clinic (6:17)

Amish Go Solar (1:46)

An American Homestead: Online Reality TV Series (17:47)

Backyard Farmers By Necessity (6:24)

Bamboo Bikes (2:03)

Bamboo Billboards To Tower Above LA Freeway (1:09)

Bamboo Drinking Straws (1:01)

Bamboo Is A Major Green Building Solution (3:50)

Barefoot Grandmothers Install Solar Power (6:39)

Benefits of Bone Broth (1:25)

Benefits of Intentional Community (4:04)

Bicycle Cell Phone Charger (3:04)

Bike That Purifies Water (2:00)

Biking in Copenhagen (5:09)

Biking With The Dutch (3:47)

Billion Things: (3:45)

Biomimicry is Booming (6:10)

Biomimicry, In Context (8:19)

Biomimicry: Ask Nature What Works (2:03)

Bottles of Light (3:15)

Bright Green City (18:15)

Bring Back the Clothesline! (2:44)

Buy Nothing Day (0:31)

Caine's Arcade (10:59)

Caine's Arcade 2: The Global Cardboard Challenge & Imagination Foundation (8:21)

Candle Powered Space Heater (2:59)

Capture the Rain and Rebuild the Economy (5:40)

Chicken Tractor (1:40)

Churches, Schools and Water Tanks: Made of Bottles! (3:01)

Clarkson University Runs On...Trash? (2:42)

Clothes Remade From Unused Pantyhose (3:52)

Co Housing Explained: What Is A Home? (2:48)

Co- Housing in Fresno (7:57)

Coconut Oil For Skin And Hair Beauty (6:42)

"Coffee Transformed My Life"- An Amusing Tale Of Leaving The Rat Race (15:29)

Community Living Off The Grid In The Woods in England (9:35)

Convert A Pool To A Pond (4:29)

Create Change Through Small Acts of Kindness (4:03)

Creative Houses From Reclaimed Stuff (19:58)

Damanhur (5:52)

Danish Co Housing (5:43)

Disagreement as a path to success (12:57)

Discarded Fishing Nets Turn Into Carpets And Benefits Communities (7:46)

Disposability Consciousness (5:32)

DIY Cardboard Furniture With Free IKEA Style Instructions (9:18)

DIY Off Grid Washing Machine (3:52)

Do Trees Communicate? (4:41)

Donate Used Car To Help Animals (0:31)

Downtown Gardens Of Detroit (4:11)

Earning Money In The Sharing Economy (4:38)

Eat Your Front Lawn (2:51)

Eco Burial: Rest In Peace Without Toxins (4:46)

Eco Burials (3:49)

Eco Villages: Neighborhoods Of The Future (11:26)

Eco- Village That Educates (12:46)

Eco-Burial Movement: A Will For The Woods (3:56)

Edible Estates (2:42)

Ellen Degeneres On Farm Sanctuary (0:49)

Endless Hot Water Without Electricity (7:05)

Enough Is Enough (18:35)

Extraordinary Home Made House, Garden And More (7:03)

Family Lives Mortgage Free in Tiny Shack (10:27)

Family Stopped Spending For A Year (4:15)

First Earth: Film About Natural Building (1:22:16)

Fog Collector (1:23)

Food Not Lawns (2:01)

Free Water: Amazing Rainwater Harvesting Action In Arizona (6:26)

Freecycle (4:28)

Freegans Go Dumspter Diving (2:30)

From Acid To Alkaline: A Cancer Free Future (7:35)

Frugal innovation: Resourcefulness as the essence of sustainability (16:30)

Garbage Warrior (1:27:41)

Generation Waking Up (9:57)

Genius Invention: Treadle Pumps Can Triple The Yield (4:29)

Genius Toys From Trash (14:42)

Geoff Lawton: Growing Fish on Algae (3:36)

Geoff Lawton: Redesigning Land For Abundance (5:15)

George Carlin Talks About "Stuff" (5:09)

Give and Get Free Stuff: Givmo (1:29)

Give Earth A Hand (1:30)

Goats For Rent (3:09)

Gratitude (6:10)

Green Gold Documentary (47:31)

Grow Food Anywhere: Straw Bale Gardening (4:18)

Happy New Year! Stunning Penguin Footage (4:41)

Healing With Wild Mushrooms (1:23)

Heather Flores, Founder of Food Not Lawns (4:03)

Hitchcock's Definition of Happiness (1:23)

Homemade Emergency Water Filtration Using All Natural Products (6:33)

Homemade Solar Water Distiller (3:47)

House Construction With Bottles (3:28)

How To Build a Simple Solar Tire Cooker (1:39)

How To Cut Used Tires For Garden Pots (3:30)

How to Find and Do Work You Love: Scott Dinsmore (17:57)

How To Grow A Vegetable Garden From Kitchen Scraps (2:59)

How To Live A Moneyless Life Like (8:08)

How To Make A Brick Rocket Stove For $6:08 (4:12)

How to Make A Composting Toilet for under $5 (3:30)

How To Make A Parabolic Solar Cooker (5:47)

How To Make A Small Bio Char Retort In Your Backyard (5:33)

How To Make Garden Beds Out Of Used Pallets (5:10)

How To Purify/ Disinfect Water (8:26)

How To Run A Sustainable Restaurant (5:20)

How To Save Any Marriage At Any Stage Of Divorce, Without Struggle (6:32)

How we lost our connection to Earth (1:41:49)

How Whales Benefit Fish - And The Planet (4:51)

How you can let go of your past (21:00)

I Met The Walrus: John Lennon's Message of Peace (5:15)

"In A Gift Economy,The More You Give, The Richer You Are" (3:07)

Independence Of Tiny Houses (5:23)

India's Community Food (2:26)

Invasive Plant Medicine (7:00)

Japanese Permaculture Legend: Masanobu Fukuoka (9:08)

Joel Salatin On The Next Generation of Farmers (6:23)

Joel Salatin: 3 Things Agribiz Can Do To Hydrate & Nourish The Soil And Lessen Future Drought (47:09)

Keep Foods Cool With Clay Pot Method (1:48)

Kids 4 Peace: Interfaith Love and Forgiveness (4:58)

Landshare: Connecting Gardeners To Vacant Land (0:48)

Living Bridges of Meghalaya (5:02)

Living Tree Houses Of The Future (5:11)

Living Without Money For 12 Years (3:35)

Living Without Plastic: Can We Do It? (11:55)

Localshare (2:47)

Log Cabin Built For $500 (11:00)

Love and Shadow in the Occupy Movement (4:12)

Magnesium: The Most Potent Relaxation Mineral In The World (7:00)

Make a Rain Barrel - Cheap and Easy: (2:40)

Make A Shoe Organizer Out Of Cardboard (3:43)

Meditation can change your brain (08:34)

Michael Pollan: Food Rules For a Healthy People And Planet (39:45)

Million Beer Bottle Temple (3:00)

Minimalism: The secret to happiness? (14:58)

Monkey Cares More Than People: Turns Off Water Tap (0:35)

Moringa Tree Seeds Purify Water (2:32)

Mushroom Death Suit (7:31)

Mushroom Packaging (6:38)

Mushrooms (4:47)

Mushrooms Break Down Toxic Waste (4:04)

Natural, Solar Powered Swimming Pool (4:14)

Negative emotions and how to heal them (27:55)

New Market To Sell Food That Is Expired (0:56)

New science says thoughts change the world (02:08)

No Dig Abundance (13:10)

No Impact Man (2:30)

Norway's Eco Prison (3:06)

Not everyone is pessimistic (16:15)

Nothing To Waste: A Freegan's Story (3:53)

Nothing will change until we change (07:43)

Nothing will change until we change (11:32)

Occupy Wall Street's Plan to Erase Your Personal Debt (3:27)

Off The Grid Container Living (5:25)

Off the grid without leaving the neighborhood (06:11)

Off The Grid: Living Off The Land An Hour From Vancouver (14:21)

One Million Gardens (2:11)

One Minute Meditation (5:35)

One Young Man's Vision For Global Restoration (10:01)

Orchestra Plays Instruments Made From Recycled Trash (11:45)

Organic Pest Control (5:23)

Our pale blue dot (03:22)

Our understanding of consciousness is changing (15:48)

Outdated Zoning Laws Meet Tiny Houses (10:32)

OWS: The Revolution Is Love (4:50)

Paper Cranes For Japan (4:25)

Passionate Earth Day Message From A Child (6:42)

Pedal Co-Op (5:05)

Permaculture 101 (3:17)

Permaculture On University Grounds (5:54)

Permaculture Principles In Action (7:43)

Permaculture Recycled (5:59)

Permaculture Tours Of Your Own Backyard (3:37)

Permaculture Worm Tower (1:44)

Plant It Forward: The Starving Artist Project (1:29)

Planting Gardens In A Gang-Ridden Neighborhood (2:59)

Plastic Planet Animation (6:27)

Plenitude Economy (4:51)

Poor Man's Water Purifier (4:52)

Powerful Healing Properties of Mushrooms (6:44)

Rain Water Collection (4:58)

Recycling Urban Timber (3:39)

Redesigning Civilization With Permaculture (1:12:44)

Reskilling Expo (14:12)

Retrash: Kickstarting The Book (2:50)

Retrash: Project on Recycling, Reusing, Upcycling (2:23)

Retrash: The Book (3:00)

Return to Nature in Russia (3:00)

Richard Heinberg's House (14:58)

Ron Paul On Health Freedom (2:52)

Root Cellars (1:29)

Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein (12:09)

Safe, simple, healthy fasting (05:21)

Scottish Government Fights Food Waste (3:03)

Self Reliance In LA: Radical Home Ec (20:32)

Sell Your Stuff. Pay Your Debt. (19:20)

Sharing Economy VS Government (4:43)

Sharing Economy: Task Rabbit (2:00)

Sharing Survival Technology (3:34)

Shipping Container House Transformation (3:00)

Site For Local Deals, Jobs, and Barter Opportunities (2:37)

Slow Food (4:16)

Slow Money (29.26)

Small House Society (9:46)

Soap Nuts: Sustainable, Chemical Free Laundry (3:13)

"Sodis" (2:14)

Solar Bottle Light Bulb (2:15)

Solar Homestead: Mortgage and Utility Bill Free (7:35)

Spectacular Off Grid Tiny Shipping Container House (11:04)

Stop Shopping This Season (2:43)

Survival Kit In An Altoids Tin (7:30)

Sustainability Explained Through Animation (2:02)

Sustainable Cotton Project (3:53)

Sustainable family outside LA -- keeping it extra real! (8:06)

The Artistry Of Upcycling (2:48)

The Best Hobo Stove Ever (7:24)

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (3:34)

The Case For The 21 Hour Work Week (4:03)

The Cube (5:04)

"The Cure Is...." (2:47)

The Economics Of Happiness: Trailer (6:16)

The End of Fermentation Was The Beginning of Depression (6:04)

The Fermentation Revolution And The Phasing Out of Refrigeration and Pasteurization (3:54)

The Fisherman and the Buinessman (3:31)

The Garbageless Restaurant (4:25)

The Greenest School (3:03)

The Healing Power Of Ginger (10:21)

The Hemp Solution (14:59)

The Many Uses Of Hemp (9:29)

The most important film clip you've probably never heard (4:55)

The New Frugality (5:34)

The Plastic Bank (2:21)

The REAL Reason To Get Rid Of Clutter (6:20)

The Self Contained Home: Joel Salatin - Part 1 of 2 (29:36)

The Self Contained Home: Joel Salatin Part 2 of 2 (24:15)

The Solar House (7:39)

The Staggeringly Effective Secret Weapon Against Flu and Colds: Vitamin D (6:26)

The Story Of Stuff (21:24)

The Street Store (2:00)

The Water Cure (4:17)

The Yurt: A Home You Can Fold Up And Move (14:24)

Time Banking (4:18)

Tiny House Grown With Mycelium (2:17)

Tiny House Made Of Salvaged Materials (8:43)

Tiny House Movement (9:00)

Tiny House That Houses Family of Four (8:00)

Tiny Houses Are Not A Fad: McMansions Were (6:45)

Tiny Houses Taking Off Into Cities (5:08)

Tough Truths About Plastic Pollution (5:19)

Turn Milk Jugs Into Reusable Lunch Boxes (3:30)

Turning Hay Into Homes (3:10)

UK Man Eats Only Foraged Food (1:06)

Undriving (27:06)

Use Chickens To Control Garden Pests (5:31)

Using A Greenhouse To Heat Your House (13:09)

Visions of Transition (6:55)

We Are Hard Wired To Share (17:05)

We The Tiny House People (Documentary): Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Shelters (1:21:46)

Wearing Nothing New: Jessi Arrington (5:25)

What Is A Time Bank? (6:24)

What Is Collaborative Consumption? (3:26)

What the Ancient Greeks knew about happiness (02:57)

What We Can Learn from Hedge Fund Investors (3:26)

Whimsical Amazing Natural Buildings (10:00)

Why A Conservative Economist Moved To The Country (8:30)

Woman Surviving 70 Years In The Siberian Wilderness (35:44)

WomanShare (10:53)

You Have the Key to Solving World Hunger (8:10)

Young Lawyers Lower the Bar to Sharing Economy (27:11)

Zero Waste at Work (3:48)

Zero Waste Redesigned Clothing (7:03)

Zero Waste Village: Kamikatsu, Japan (2:09)

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