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The Real Community Bank

The Lathrup Village Time Bank (Michigan) was founded in January, 2008 to motivate a network of neighbors to come together and create a caring and sharing community.

They are a circle of people who have an organized system of bartering skills and services with each other. No money exchanges hands.

Each person who wishes to participate simply lists the things they can do for others, and the things they need done. Everyone's time has the same value. A computer expert's time is worth the same as a dog walker's.

This is a fantastic way to get things done without spending money. Not only do you keep money out of the equation, which takes a lot of energy and often commuting to "earn" and always leaks out of the community once banks and credit cards are involved- but you strengthen and build relationships that go beyond a business interaction. Your neighbors turn into friends -- who need your services and offer theirs.

Building community is one of the most important, healing and profound shifts that can come out of this negative economic climate. We may be underemployed- but look how much we can do for each other, and how much we can get done with no dollars trading hands!

"The thing I love about our time bank is that my children are learning to contribute to the community at a very young age." says one participant.

In April, 2009, the Time Bank won the District 1 Michigan Municipal League's "Community Spirit" award for being a community project that, in the judge's view, could be "easily spread to other communities throughout Michigan."

Amen! Let it spread everywhere!

--Bibi Farber