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Biking With The Dutch

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They Can -- Why Can't We?

The more we surround ourselves with the message that it is possible, the closer we will get!

This is a positive, fast paced movie trailer about biking -- great visuals and music mixed with some facts about our transportation habits vs. the Dutch.

Even if it is impossible for you to bike to work, this video states that 40% of all non-work related trips are 2 miles or less. What if we could just transition some of that driving to the bike?

"Riding Bikes With The Dutch" filmmaker Michael Bauch says: “A bike is the ultimate multi-task tool. Get your local errands done, your exercise, and do your share for the environment all in one fell swoop. In the U.S., bicycles are perceived either as high-performance sports machines, toys for children, or a last resort. This cultural perception intrigued me as it was in direct contrast to the values shared by my family living in Europe who use bikes as daily transport—and one of my inspirations for this project.”

One of the most delightful things about bike cultures are the modern, imaginative attachments: carts and even specially developed bike-like vehicles for a couple of kids and cargo! Let's get them in North America too!

--Bibi Farber

This video is a trailer for the movie "Riding Bikes With The Dutch"