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Cycling for Change

The Pedal Co-Op in Philadelphia is a worker run organization that offers an alternative recycling and compost hauling service to local businesses.

Using trailers attached to the back of bicycles, riders for the Pedal Co-Op haul glass, plastic and paper to a local recycling depot and compost to local gardens.

It is an inspiring sight to see indeed, these fellows biking around the city with enormous bins attached to the bikes, competing for space with the noxious trucks.

The fleet of 200 diesel trucks for waste removal are much more wasteful than regular cars. They idle all day long and according to this video, only get on average 3 miles per gallon, spewing out emissions containing dozens of carcinogens.

Residents get free recycling, but businesses have to pay. The Pedal Co-Op offers better rates than the city services, and companies love to boast about the "green" services they employ, so everybody wins here.

As a result -- The Pedal Co-Op has as much business as it can handle. More power to them!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Mind TV