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Work With Nature, Not Against It

The most environmentally friendly—and cutest—weed and brush control solution ever: goats!

A herd of 30 goats can clear 100 square meters of unwanted vegetation like blackberry bushes, thistle, weeds and other invasive plants per day.

They even love poison ivy!

Why forcibly remove, bulldoze and tear up vegetation, when goats can nibble it away instead? Brush removal and weed control can be expensive and destructive to the environment.

Goats can tackle difficult terrain, protected areas, heavily trafficked, populated or landscaped areas. Goats are sensitive enough for protected areas like wetlands, agile enough to clear hillsides, determined to reach higher foliage and impervious to thorns.

When the work is finished, the goats have left behind their droppings which serve as fertilizer.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by VOA