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Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein

A Short Film

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The Beauty Of The Gift Economy

Here is a beautiful film that explains in 12 short minutes what usually takes at least an entire documentary to summarize: Our money system, our economy, our society are all built along crumbling fault lines leading to destruction, debt and alienation.

And there is another way.

Welcome Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics. He speaks here of the beauty of the Gift Economy.

"You can't have "community" as an add on to a monetized life. You have to actually need each other. People desire to enact their gifts."

At this point, we may do well to embrace another vision. Eisenstein's vision is intelligent, heartfelt, idealistic, yes- and right on the money! (Pun intended). It rings true. We want to share our gifts and to return to needing each other. We want a symbiotic, functioning society. We want a system that isn't always leaking and becoming weaker.

"The current monetary system just works less and less well, growth can only be maintained at a higher and higher cost, even our best efforts can't keep the economy growing as fast as it needs to for the system to work" he says.

Enjoy this man's wisdom and vision. Read more at:

--Bibi Farber

This video was directed by Ian MacKenzie