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Improving Lives One Exchange At A Time

Womanshare is a group of women in New York City who trade services. Each woman's hour is worth the same as any other woman's -- a lawyers' hour is worth the same as a housekeeper, dog walker, visual artist or babysitter.

100 women belong now to this skills exchange group, a system of barter that comes with
benefits aside from saving some cash: deepening community, learning from each other, and making friends - indeed being truly in exchange with each other.

"The money system is really based on scarcity- that there's not enough to go around and we all have to compete to get what we need." says founder Diana McCourt. "Our goal is to create a community of abundance where there is plenty of help and plenty of resources to be shared."

Emphasis is also placed on sharing of skills, so that other people learn and can teach them. "The sky is the limit with what can be created in the group." says a member.

"Money is just a belief system. Therefore, you're free to create another belief system or money system of any shape or form that you wish - and that is so liberating." Ms. McCourt concludes.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced and directed by John Miglietta, JDM Productions