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Could you live in a house that measures 84 square feet?

Here we have the Tiny House Movement and they are walking the walk when it comes to downsizing! These are eco-friendly homes, often on wheels that incorporate solar energy and are smaller than 400 square feet. Talk about a less cluttered life!

This video puts the spotlight on those who actually construct their own homes as well. You hear the pride and empowerment in these homeowners -- not just because of the satisfaction of doing the work, but for having left the Big House and the Big Consumer Life behind.

Here we are seeing a home with one towel, one stove burner, one teeny tiny closet, and it resulted in one very happy woman. Her home is smaller than her old bathroom was!

What a concept -- lose your stuff, find your life! Small house = Large life.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by PBS