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Family Lives Mortgage Free in Tiny Shack

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The New "What People Do"

"We didn't want to struggle anymore so we decided to downsize" says Debra. She, her husband and teenage son moved into a custom built 320 square foot "shotgun shack" that cost less than $20,000.

They jumped off the hamster wheel of American life and were almost ashamed to tell anybody at first because "this just isn't what people do".

Now they live mortgage free, with more time for each other and less stuff.

This should be the new and improved " What People Do."

Downsizing can give you your life back. They say living in this tiny home is not a sacrifice. Scaling back your "stuff" and a big old house also scales back your stress, upkeep of the house, expenses and in some cases like this one - your mortgage is history!

-Bibi Farber

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