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Love and Shadow in the Occupy Movement

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What This Movement Is Trying To Re-Imagine

"We are cultivating intimacy, that's arising out of difference. This the spark that I would call Love. And it's what's carrying us, and what's warming us up. And it's the reason why we're going to win."

Michael Stone is a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, Buddhist teacher, author and activist, filmed here at Occupy Vancouver.

He speaks about the integration of so many different forces and actions coming together through the Occupy movement. It is of course about something much more comprehensive and universal than just crime and corruption within the financial industry.

"Recognizing that an economy that is predatory and growth based is not just causing trouble at an economic level - it's also causing trouble at an ecological level so we have to include the ecology -- which is the shadow of our capitalist economy as part of the dialog, as part of what this movement is trying to re-imagine." he says.

That is a powerful phrase that bears repeating: "What this movement is trying to re-imagine."

Now is the time to open up all dialogue and action around what we are going to re- imagine.

--Bibi Farber