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The New Frugality

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It Makes Sense

We will have MORE if we CONSUME LESS. It just makes sense to stop the chronic leaking of our dollars and our time, so as to conserve both. Needing less, or using what you have, is at the core of reclaiming our center as people, instead of consumers.

"Frugality" got a bad rap because it has been associated in our time with poverty or miserliness. There is nothing sexy about the word as it is used in our culture. It conjures images of little old ladies with ragged coats and coupons shuffling off to the supermarket full of cheap food. There has been something sad about "frugal". Let's blow the dust off the word itself and begin to imagine instead that needing less stuff can mean by extension: a few less hours in traffic, less busy work, less garbage, less dollars leaving your community... less nonsense!

Less Consuming can naturally lead to More Living. It's simply common sense. Add up all the things you buy, services you use that you don't really need in a given month and put a dollar value on it. What else can that money go towards? Can you instead scale back the stress in your life? Can you take time to grow food? Walk or bike to work? Spend more time on meaningful relationships or with your family? Learn an instrument or foreign language? Teach someone to read? Make something?

Listen to Chris Farrell, author of "The New Frugality", and spread the word!

-Bibi Farber