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Reduced Fertilizer Use By 80%

Note: It is best to view this video in full screen mode due to the small text of the subtitles.

Cotton farming uses plenty of pesticides. Andhra Pradesh, the region this video was shot in, uses one fourth of pesticide consumed in India and Warangal (the district shown here) stands second in pesticide consumption in Andhra Pradesh.

Now farmers are getting together and using Better Management Practices (BMP's) for growing crops in this area. This initiative was launched by the WWF, World Wildlife Federation and a representative from M&S (Marks and Spencer,UK) speaks here about their involvement in the program.

Better Management Practices (BMPīs) are tools that protect the environment by helping to measurably reduce major impacts of growing commodities on the planetīs water, air, soil and biological diversity. They also help producers to make profit in a sustainable way.

In this case, harmful pesticides are being replaced by cow and cattle farm waste as well as cotton waste to produce vermicompost. They are also planting trap crops for pests like castor and red gram around the main crop and are using bird perches and pherome traps.

This video states that the BMP methods have resulted in around a 50% reduction in water use and an 80% reduction in fertilizers. Gross profit margins have increased 15% for farmers.

Let's support sustainable cotton whenever we have the choice, and keep it all going in this direction.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by the WWF