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New Market To Sell Food That Is Expired

The Daily Table Offers A Solution

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Turn It Into Meals, And Sell It At Fast Food Prices

160 million pounds of food is thrown away every year in the US. That represents about 40% of our food! This is criminal.

Doug Rauch, who used to be the president of Trader Joe's, has figured out something very smart.

He is going to take this food, turn it into meals, and sell it at fast food prices.

It's called The Daily Table, and it's a new retail store opening early next year in Dorchester, Mass., according to NPR.

"It's kind of a hybrid between a grocery store and a restaurant because primarily it's going to take this food in, prep it, cook it for what I call speed scratch cooking. But the idea is to offer this at prices that compete with fast food." says Rauch.

What a great idea!

--Bibi Farber

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