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Rethink Your Driving

There is a program in Seattle, WA that wants to teach you to become an "Undriver".

Founder and Director of, Julia Field, had a car years ago that needed repair and decided for several reasons to ditch the car. She never looked back.

Now she is inspiring others, using creative methods to brainstorm and implement different ways to cut down on driving trips. She has set up the playful "Undriver" licensing, complete with a laminated ID card you can show off!

More than anything, it gets conversations going and that is what leads to cultural patterns shifting. Over 5,000 licenses have been issued so far. Undrivers take a pledge to reduce their driving with unique customized goals, such as the one Janaia Donaldson, host of the Peak Moment show took, to do all of the grocery shopping on bicycle. Another removed the car key from his key chain to cut down on reflexively jumping in the car upon leaving the house.

The whole point is to challenge people to reduce car trips in any way, shape or form.
Over 70% of the new undrivers say they established a new pattern in commuting.

It is really all about shifting our awareness. How about just getting in the habit of inviting your neighbor to join you on trips to the grocery store?

--Bibi Farber

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