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Food Not Lawns

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Reconsider your front yard!

Our suburban lawns have a history that dates back to the aristocracy in northern Europe during the Middle Ages. A large area of evenly cut grass close to the house and the sitting gardens signified wealth, as it meant this patch did not need to be cultivated farmland. Instead it could form a beautiful manmade landscape on the grounds, where tea could be served, children could play, and plantings were decorative. The larger the lawn, the more wealthy the estate.

That was fine for castle grounds in Elizabethan England- but our lawns all over suburbia in are due for a revolution!

Today there is an national organization in the US called "Food Not Lawns" that raises awareness about the fact that food can be grown on each and every lawn instead of manicured grass that uses destructive fertilizers for no other reason than our dated sense of aesthetics. That earth can grow food instead!

And it's not just the destructive effect of the fertilizers -- it's a criminal waste of water, and lawn mowers use fossil fuel.

Why do all that work to grow nothing but grass, when you can have squash, beans and tomatoes instead! Not just the back lawn-- but right out in the front!

This 2 minute video puts the spotlight on another important aspect of converting your lawn into a garden - you can share and trade produce with your neighbors! Please spread this far and wide and begin to re- imagine the potential right outside your front door.