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Who is seeing an increase in new home sales?

Who gets up to 70,000 hits in a day to their website from all over the world?

The Small House Society is onto something big. Here on Nextworld TV we featured a video on the Tiny House Movement, where a woman showed us her new house, that she built herself, which was in fact smaller than her old bathroom.

It turns out this is not a small group of progressive people who are willing to live without any extra stuff-- on the contrary, this is the hot, growing trend in housing. In this video, facilitator Gregory Johnson tells us that business is positively booming for the builders and architects that are focused exclusively on simpler, smaller, sustainable homes.

It is an inspiring, well produced clip that sheds light on the numerous reasons that people are now hungry for... less!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Resources for Life ( on the Small House Society