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Discarded Fishing Nets Turn Into Carpets And Benefits Communities

Reducing Pollution AND Poverty

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An inspiring story of Win Win Win

Here is a business that harvests fishing nets from the shorelines of the Philippines and uses the nylon they're made of to create 100% recycled carpeting.

These fishing nets were traditionally just left on the shores, polluting the environment for 600 years. Worse, they were discarded in the water and caught fish and other marine life that just lingered and died for no benefit.

"Networks" is a program that takes discarded fishing nets from impoverished communities and recycles them into carpet tile. Not only do the nets turn into something useful instead of polluting the environment, but the program is set up to benefit the community in the long term.

An inspiring story of Win Win Win that is just getting started. Other materials are next!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Sustainable Brands