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India's Community Food

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The Brilliant Community Kitchen

How to supply food to everyone inexpensively and consistently?

Imagine the convenience of take-out food every day, but for less money that you would pay to COOK at home, let alone order from a restaurant.

Here is a brilliant idea, a real solution, applicable to communities everywhere in the world: Members pay in to a collective community kitchen, and meals for households are distributed the kitchen run by employed chefs.

A community in Surat, Gujarat India is doing this right now, with beautiful results.

Talk about win win win! It is so much more cost efficient for families to participate in this system than buying and preparing each meal at home. Another important aspect is that the women are now free to pick up second jobs, bringing more income to the family and leaving a cycle of poverty and struggle.

An enormous amount of time is spent preparing food from scratch, especially in areas where refrigeration is not available.

In any community where food security is not a given, this is a guarantee of meals for all.

For everyone else, the savings, the convenience, the ability to buy healthy food in bulk, and bringing neighbors together are reasons enough. Who in the world doesn't want to spend less time and money on daily food preparation? This is genius!

-Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Al Jazeera