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Gardens That Function Like A Forest

"Gardens that function like a forest, that generate their own fertility... catch their own that can meet human needs while regenerating the land around us --that's the goal of permaculture." says the narrator.

This video offers an enlightened introduction to permaculture design principles. Here is a stunning, abundant food forest designed by Erik Ohlsen of Permaculture Artisans.

He points out the common sense inherent in these principles: create what the garden needs right where it needs it. One example: soil building can be achieved on the spot, rather than hauling intense amounts of inputs like wooden chips or compost to the area every single year. Instead, he plants certain things with the idea of enriching the soil right there, letting the system provide it's needs for itself!

"It's a dialogue, it's a communication, so we'll play with that and see how it works." says Ohlsen.


--Bibi Farber

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