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Family Stopped Spending For A Year

A Conscious Pause In Unconscious Spending

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Freedom From Shopping

The Miller family, husband, wife and three girls lived without buying anything for a whole year. They bought food of course but nothing that they didn't use or consume. No clothes. No books, CD's, no extras of any kind.

A year long shopping strike. How empowering!

They were surprised to see that life became more fulfilling and meaningful in unexpected ways. Even the young girls went with the program.

Says mom Kim Croft- Miller: "The most prevalent feeling we had was freedom. And what irony that is, because in a way we were restricting ourselves. But we felt absolutely jubilant and light."

Once this connection becomes clear: that we spend an inordinate amount of life force and energy just to keep a certain level of spending possible, we will see that we can make different choices.

We can at least insert conscious pauses into the cycle of working, earning and spending, and step aside and question: Is this purchase worth it? Why do I think I need this?

--Bibi Farber

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