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"In A Gift Economy,The More You Give, The Richer You Are"

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Making Money Does Not Equal Making A Contribution

Charles Eisenstein declares himself to be a "De-growth" activist". In his words, this means you re-imagine the world, and how we connect and how we help each other thrive.

The first thing you throw away is the concept of the benefits of the conventional growth economy. If we build another way to go about getting our needs met, we will all have so much more. If we build security through our community, instead of money, we will have real "wealth".

He says a de-growth activist is: "Anybody that tries to re-establish human connections, re-skill themselves and other people, learn to do things without buying things."

"The distaste we've created of the world has come through, or despite of, all of our best planning and logic and technological solutions and linear thinking and it's time that we start listening to something else." says Eisenstein.

May his tribe increase!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by The Guardian