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Homemade Emergency Water Filtration Using All Natural Products

If You Wish To Avoid Chlorine

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Oregano, Charcoal, Limestone, Coconut Husks...

In this video we see how to make a filtering device for water using only natural ingredients.

Nextworldtv has not tested this method, and can not verify what level of contamination this device is able to remove, but it provides a starting point to experiment with if you are interested in being prepared to filter your own water in the event of an emergency.

Instead of Clorox/chlorine this method makes use of: apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, oregano, charcoal, limestone, coconut husks used in different layers together with a soda container, cotton and a coffee filter.

Several product substitutions are suggested in case you don't have these items on hand.

Good to know if you don't want to use Clorox for emergency purification.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Tina Cornely