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Connecting to God's Grid

The Amish are embracing solar power. In Holmes county, Ohio they represent the largest per capita use of the technology. It may seem strange... because don't they live without electricity?

Although each church sets it's own rules to determine these matters, electricity per se is not strictly forbidden. They are not luddites, but they do not want to have the outside world - a connection to the power grid-- coming in to their homes, tempting them to buy appliances and the like.

However, they embrace "plugging into God's grid."

The best place to find solar installers may now be near an Amish community. They need electricity to charge batteries for the lights on their horse drawn carriages, and for other modest uses.

It's clean energy, easy to use, greener, and each home can determine it's own needs.

The old connecting directly to the new!

--Bibi Farber

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