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"Can Help Oil Spills"

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The Really Magic Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms grown on contaminated soil have been shown to break down pollutants and restore the environment to it's original state. Tests have proven that you can take soil contaminated with diesel, inoculate it with mycelia of oyster mushrooms and after 4 weeks- more than 95% of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons will be reduced to non- toxic components.

As mycologist Gary Lincoff explains in this clip, not only does the oyster mushroom consume the toxic oil -- it is then miraculously clean enough to eat after performing this transformation!

Myco-remediation is the process of using fungi to degrade or sequester contaminants in the environment.
The more we can spread the word about this miracle mycelia, the better.

These truly magic mushrooms are standing by, ready to play a big role in decontaminating our world!

--Bibi Farber

This video includes footage from the 2009 film "Know Your Mushrooms" directed by Ron Mann