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Recycling Urban Timber

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Southeast Michigan's Reclaimed Wood Marketplace.

The dead urban trees in Southeast Michigan could produce almost 73 million board feet of lumber annually.

That's according to's website, the network of local sawmills who specialize in reclaiming urban timber in the area. is Southeast Michigan's "Reclaimed Wood Marketplace"

Recycling urban timber means making boards out of yard trees, storm damaged trees, and trees from municipalities that might end up chipped up and loaded into containers headed to landfills.

"200 years ago when you built a house, when you built a barn, you looked around the property where you were building. It was local timber, that's what you built with." says John Haling of Sawmill John Custom Sawing.

How great to be able to make something lasting out of a tree in your yard that has to come down. Why ship in the wood from someplace else?

A great example of common sense coming back. Remember, not so long ago, all wood was "reclaimed locally".

--Bibi Farber

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