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Purifying Drinking Water Using Sunlight

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Plastic Bottle + Sun = Clean Water

NOTE: Apparently the World Health Organization (WHO) endorses this practice.

DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS METHOD unless you have done your own thorough research about it.

The possible negative consequences of consuming contaminated water are very serious and could be fatal.

As reported by SODIS:

The SODIS method of purifying water requires only a clean bottle, and 6 hours of sunlight.

This is not only a life saving way to provide clean drinking water in areas that lack sanitation -- it's worth paying attention to the simple instructions should any situation arise that requires us to come up with a source of clean drinking water, such as a natural disaster or extended power outage.

You take a transparent PET-bottle or glass bottle, clean it thoroughly, put contaminated water in it and place it in the sun for 6 hours.

That's it!

During this time, the UV-radiation of the sun kills diarrhea generating pathogens.

But do other germs grow in there? While the bottle is being exposed to the sunlight, other, harmless bacteria and organisms that occur naturally in the environment can grow, for example algae or naturally occurring coliform bacteria. However, these organisms do not represent a threat to human health.

Laboratory experiments have shown that when the method is used properly, extreme contamination levels of 100,000 E. coli per 100ml can be made harmless. These concentrations are much higher than are normally found in natural water sources (a few thousand E.coli/100ml water or less).

What about the plastic leaching? According to the Sodis website, scientific studies have confirmed repeatedly that when the SODIS method is applied correctly there is no danger to health.

What a breakthrough!

--Bibi Farber

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