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The Garbageless Restaurant

Sandwich Me In, Chicago

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It CAN Be Done!

A Zero Waste restaurant is here! Sandwich Me In is a totally trash free, sustainable restaurant in Chicago that has actually managed to create NO garbage.

Most restaurants throw out in an HOUR the amount of trash this place has thrown out in a 2 year period! This is a breathtaking accomplishment!

When owner Justin Vrany finally did let the 8 gallons of trash go after 2 years it was to a sculptor who was going to make art of the stuff, mostly paper coffee cups customers brought in from the outside.

To achieve the goal of zero waste, the restaurant runs on sustainable energy, with food coming minimally packaged from local farms. Virtually everything -- from food scraps to spent frying oil -- is reused or repurposed.

The owner is passionate about reusing everything, and even runs free composting programs form the restaurant.

What a breakthrough! And yes, he is turning a profit.

More importantly, he's showing the whole world that it CAN be done!!!

The NextworldTV Restaurant Award goes to Sandwich Me In!

--Bibi Farber

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