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You Better Slow Down!

Perhaps you are familiar with the term "Slow Food" - an approach to food that sprang up as a response in Italy in the wake of Mc Donalds opening there. The idea is to re examine our relationship to food, and see that in the long run, slower is better. There are benefits involved in slowing down the whole process- growing our food, harvesting it, eating together. Slow Food wants us to appreciate the different dimensions of nourishment that we can glean from each step in the process.

Slow Money wants to do the same in the financial environment. Woody Tasch, author of "Slow Money" speaks in this half hour interview about a more integral approach to circulating dollars. How can we use money to create wealth and opportunities in ways that are not so imbalanced? How can money invested have a positive effect on the immediate community? Can we detach from the frenzy of the financial global markets and put investment dollars to use in ways that will enhance the quality of life?

My favorite sentence: "Slower, smaller and local does not mean unimportant, provincial and silly."

Money can nourish, instead of slash and burn through a system, if done consciously.

This concept sows seeds for the mindset of the New Economy. Be part of it- watch now and forward far and wide!

-- Bibi Farber