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How to Make A Composting Toilet for under $5

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No Waste At All Here!

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average household uses 27 % of its indoor water usage for the toilet.

With a composting toilet there is no “waste,” merely useable end-products. You spare all of the water waste, and the rest becomes compost for the garden.

When you consider the price of a septic system installation, a composting toilet system is anywhere from 25-75% less expensive, depending on your location.

Of course the true cost savings come in the long term, with the reduced water use costs, non-existent sewage costs, and the ability to produce valuable nutrient humus.

This video will show you how to put a simple one together for under $5, and addresses the issues of ventilation, code issues and odor.

If a community were to embrace the total use of composting toilets and appropriate greywater systems, it would have no sewage charges, sewage pipe installations and maintenance costs, and greatly reduced water costs.

Most composting toilet systems can also process household scraps such as vegetable and fruit peelings and ends, grass clippings, paper and cardboard, and even clothing made from natural fibers.

Cities could become fertilizer factories instead of nutrient sinks!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by The Empowerment Channel