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Reducing Waste


Can College Students Solve America's Hunger Crisis? (2:42)

Start-ups And Organizations Take On America's Food Waste Challenge (8:49)

14 Year Old Creates Program To Reduce Waste by 50% At School Events (2:26)

32 Bizarre Almost- Free Decorating and Furnishing Ideas (4:36)

6 Million Bottles of Beer IN the Wall (2:40)

Add A Month To Growing Season Using Soda Bottles (1:25)

Addicted To Plastic (1:25:03)

After Mardi Gras: Where Do The Beads Go? (2:14)

Aluminum Can Story (3:45)

Amazing Things Made From Old Pallets (2:32)

America's Grow A Row Food Charity (1:09)

Ample Harvest - Grow Food and Share (6:37)

An Earthen House Built by Hand (27:27)

Aquaponics: No Soil, No Waste (4:47)

Bamboo Drinking Straws (1:01)

Bamboo Home (3:19)

Barter Markets (5:48)

Bio Bus: The Uk's First Food and Poo Powered Bus (1:25)

Biodegradable Golf Ball (1:52)

Boat Made Of Plastic Bottles (3:23)

Bottle Craft For Holidays (8:16)

Breakthrough In Plastics Recycling (10:59)

Building A Vertical Pallet Garden (10:30)

Buy Nothing Day (0:31)

Can Grass Clippings Revolutionize Solar Technology? (2:30)

Capture the Rain and Rebuild the Economy (5:40)

China's Recycling (2:13)

Churches, Schools and Water Tanks: Made of Bottles! (3:01)

Cigarette Butts Recycled Into Clothes (2:45)

Clean Oceans Project (7:31)

Clothes Remade From Unused Pantyhose (3:52)

Commercial Composting in Scotland (3:30)

Commercial Composting Made Easy in NYC (1:05)

Commercial Kitchen Composting (4:00)

Community Textile (3:05)

Compost Shower (4:12)

Composting Indoors (1:26)

Convention Centers Mending Wasteful Ways (2:15)

Convert A Pool To A Pond (4:29)

Creative Houses From Reclaimed Stuff (19:58)

Danger of Plastic Bags (8:55)

Discarded Fishing Nets Turn Into Carpets And Benefits Communities (7:46)

Disposability Consciousness (5:32)

DIY Cardboard Furniture With Free IKEA Style Instructions (9:18)

Does Composting Remove Toxins? (2:18)

E Waste Hell (17:44)

E Waste in Africa (2:45)

Earthships For Everyone! (6:22)

Eco Ark : World's Largest Plastic Building (2:20)

Eco Burial: Rest In Peace Without Toxins (4:46)

Eco Burials (3:49)

Eco Housing In India (3:14)

Eco Lawn (7:12)

Eco Living In A Container (2:00)

Eco-Burial Movement: A Will For The Woods (3:56)

Egypt's Recycling Community (2:13)

Electronics Recycling: Take A Closer Look (5:08)

Family Stopped Spending For A Year (4:15)

Free Water: Amazing Rainwater Harvesting Action In Arizona (6:26)

Freecycle (4:28)

Freegans Go Dumspter Diving (2:30)

From Rock Music To Recycling In Haiti (3:01)

Frugal innovation: Resourcefulness as the essence of sustainability (16:30)

Futuristic Indoor Farming (3:00)

Garbage Into Energy in Pakistan (4:15)

Garbage Warrior (1:27:41)

Genius Toys From Trash (14:42)

Geoff Lawton: Growing Fish on Algae (3:36)

Give and Get Free Stuff: Givmo (1:29)

Green Co-Op in the South Bronx (5:25)

Green Eileen Fisher (2:40)

Green Moving (4:57)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Brought To Life In Animation (3:12)

Greywater Rising (5:10)

Grounds for your Garden (2:58)

Grow Food Anywhere: Straw Bale Gardening (4:18)

Harvesting Rainwater in L.A. (1:54)

House Construction With Bottles (3:28)

House Made From Tires, Cans and Mud (1:30)

House Made Of Money (1:45)

House Made Of Trash (9:07)

How Many Chemicals Are You Wearing Today? (0:59)

How much plastic are you eating? (4:39)

How Much Plastic Do You Consume While Eating Fish? (1:19)

How Much Water Do We Really Use Everyday? (3:00)

How To Build A Biogas Digester (2:47)

How To Build A Bookshelf From Used Chopsticks (1:07)

How To Build Your Own Compost Tumbler (5:37)

How to Compost in Your Apartment (6:35)

How To Cut Used Tires For Garden Pots (3:30)

How To Grow A Vegetable Garden From Kitchen Scraps (2:59)

How to Install a Greywater System (7:01)

How to Make A Composting Toilet for under $5 (3:30)

How To Make Garden Beds Out Of Used Pallets (5:10)

How To Recover Gold From Scrap Metal (7:45)

How To Run A Sustainable Restaurant (5:20)

How To Use One Paper Towel (4:28)

Island Made Of Plastic Bottles (3:45)

Living Without Plastic For A Year (3:23)

Living Without Plastic: Can We Do It? (11:55)

Localshare (2:47)

Low Income Homes From Recycled Goods PBS Special Part 1 of 3 (9:29)

Low Income Homes From Recycled Goods PBS Special, Part 2 of 3 (9:50)

Low Income Homes From Recycled Goods PBS Special, Part 3 of 3 (7:36)

Make A Shoe Organizer Out Of Cardboard (3:43)

Make Herbal Shampoo (2:04)

Make Your Own Household Cleanser (3:50)

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent (3:18)

Mayor Bloomberg Plans To Ban Styrofoam (1:41)

Milk Jugs Into Fencing (5:17)

Million Beer Bottle Temple (3:00)

Monkey Cares More Than People: Turns Off Water Tap (0:35)

Mushroom Death Suit (7:31)

Mushroom Packaging (6:38)

Mushrooms (4:47)

NeighborGoods (1:28)

New Market To Sell Food That Is Expired (0:56)

Newspaper Pots For Seedlings (5:05)

Nigerian Start Up Makes Money From Trash (3:06)

No Impact Man (2:30)

Nothing To Waste: A Freegan's Story (3:53)

Old School Compost Pile: No Turning, No Bin (5:50)

Orchestra Plays Instruments Made From Recycled Trash (11:45)

Pedal Co-Op (5:05)

Pete Seeger Performs "Garbage" (4:30)

Plastic Birds (2:42)

Plastic Planet Animation (6:27)

Plastic Recycling In Ghana (3:11)

Pope Francis Praises Dumpster Divers (0:49)

Rain Water Collection (4:58)

Re Commerce for Electronics (2:20)

Recovering Plunderer now World's Greenest CEO (16:40)

Recycle Styrofoam-Into Surfboards! (3:25)

Recycled Glass (3:08)

Recycled Home Of The Future? (3:35)

Recycling Carpet (6:33)

Recycling in Russia (3:36)

Recycling Urban Timber (3:39)

Reducing Food Waste to Reduce Hunger (7:23)

Repurpose Everything: The Pure Salvage Movement (4:29)

Retrash: Kickstarting The Book (2:50)

Retrash: Project on Recycling, Reusing, Upcycling (2:23)

Retrash: The Book (3:00)

Russia's Green Revolution (3:51)

San Francisco On Track To Become (9:06)

Scottish Government Fights Food Waste (3:03)

Serbian Bottle Masterpiece (2:58)

Shipping Container House Transformation (3:00)

Shredding Paper For Compost (4:01)

Simple Outdoor Composting (5:26)

Site For Local Deals, Jobs, and Barter Opportunities (2:37)

Skip Shampoo - Use Baking Soda and Vinager (3:29)

Spectacular Upcycling Ideas (9:51)

Stop Shopping This Season (2:43)

Straw Bale Homes (10:17)

Surfing For Change (4:13)

Sustainability At Occupy Wall Street (1:23)

Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas (2:24)

Tapped: The Bottled Water Industry (5:41)

Taste The Waste (3:01)

The Artistry Of Upcycling (2:48)

The Garbageless Restaurant (4:25)

The Majestic Plastic Bag (4:00)

The Many Uses Of Hemp (9:29)

The Most Beautiful Bottle House (8:43)

The Myth Of Clean Incineration (10:34)

The Plastic Bank (2:21)

The Story of Bottled Water (8:04)

The Story of Electronics (7:47)

The Story Of Stuff (21:24)

Tiny House That Houses Family of Four (8:00)

Tiny Houses Taking Off Into Cities (5:08)

Tough Truths About Plastic Pollution (5:19)

Trash & Reclaimed Materials = Affordable Home Ownership? (10:10)

Trash Cans For The Oceans (2:10)

Turn Milk Jugs Into Reusable Lunch Boxes (3:30)

Turning Plastic Back Into Oil (5:09)

Undriving (27:06)

Upcycling Nature (1:53)

Vertical Hydroponic: DIY (6:09)

Waste Management Now Collects Scraps For Compost (2:34)

Water Out of Thin Air (2:33)

Water Short (2:31)

We The Tiny House People (Documentary): Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Shelters (1:21:46)

Wearing Nothing New: Jessi Arrington (5:25)

What To Do With 80 Tons of Recycled Oyster Shells (2:00)

What Would Jesus Buy? Full Film (1:31:08)

White Roof Solution (2:45)

Why Straw Bale? (3:13)

You Have the Key to Solving World Hunger (8:10)

Zero Waste At Home (3:39)

Zero Waste At Ohio Stadium (4:56)

Zero Waste at Work (3:48)

Zero Waste Family (2:50)

Zero Waste Grocery Store (1:18)

Zero Waste Grocery Store To Open In Berlin (1:54)

Zero Waste Hotel (9:17)

Zero Waste in Europe (14:27)

Zero Waste Redesigned Clothing (7:03)

Zero Waste Systems (6:55)

Zero Waste Town in Canada (2:25)

Zero Waste Village: Kamikatsu, Japan (2:09)

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