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How to Compost in Your Apartment

Vani Murthy Tells Us How!

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Space Saving and Scent Free!

Composting sounds like a great idea...until you think about the practicality (or impracticality) of keeping a pile of rotting organic food in your small apartment or office. Vani Murthy explains how to start your own composting project in a small space that will yield great, oderless, results!

Murthy recommends using a Khamba, or set of Terracota pots. that have small holes in the bottom for air flow. The pots stack on top of each other, so they are perfect for small spaces.

Line the pot with newspaper, dump your organic food waste in, add dry leaves and mix. Kick start the decomposition process by adding a handful of natural mulch or spoonful of butter milk. Mix it all up, throw some more leaves on top so it doesn't attract critters, put the lid on the pot and leave it. Repeat that process for two or three days and you should see the process will take off. Once the top pot is full (in about 12-15 days), swap it out with the next pot down and begin the process in the new top pot. Keep rotating the pots throughout. If you follow the instructions here, the compost shouldn't smell at all. Simple!

Visit for more information on Khambas.

--Brie Sullivan