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Eco Burial: Rest In Peace Without Toxins

Green Springs Natural Cemetary

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Dust To Dust?

How can we rest peacefully if what we're told in this video is true: Each year in the United States, the funeral industry dumps into the earth:

- 827,000 gallons of formaldehyde
- 30 million board feet of hardwood caskets
- 17,000 tons of steel/copper vaults
- 1.6 million tons of concrete

And this doesn't begin to address the copious amounts of herbicides and pesticides used to keep those lawns perfect and green.

Welcome to Green Springs Natural Cemetery, in New York state where they offer a simple, traditional, dust-to-dust burial, free of toxins.

It's far less expensive than a conventional cemetery as well, at $500 a plot. This land is protected from future development by the fact that they inherit nature preserve status, so the inhabitants can indeed rest peacefully!

-- Bibi Farber

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