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Convention Centers Mending Wasteful Ways

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Change The Way People Think About Garbage

Conventions, trade shows and expos are large scale events that usually generate waste on a large scale accordingly. Don't expect to see so much as a recycling bin at most of the colossal convention centers in the US.

But here at the Expo Center in Portland, OR we see tremendous signs of progress! Recology is the name of the local company here that makes sure food waste is composted, everything that can be recycled is being recycled, and the "garbage" is even sorted out to make absolutely sure that nothing that can be re-purposed gets thrown away.

Pamela Lewis of Food Services of America says: "We have to educate our sales associates, we have to educate our customers, we have to educate the folks who are on staff here at the facility about where waste goes."

Let's hope we see this kind of initiative at every convention center all over the world!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by PDX TV