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You Have the Key to Solving World Hunger

Selina Juul Explains the Global Effects of Wasting Our Food

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Those Leftovers Turned Science Experiment Are a Catalyst for Change!

According to the World Food Programme, 870 million people worldwide suffer because they do not have enough to eat. Now what would you do if you learned that you have the key to change that? In this short Ted Talk, Selina Juul explains that we hold the power to better the future by doing one simple thing. Stop wasting food.

So how does this "key" work? We can't magically beam the leftovers on our plates to someone who is suffering from hunger (although give it another few years and there will probably be an app for that). Our over-consumption and waste of food does effect the rest of the world though. Juul, who founded the Danish Stop Wasting Food Movement in 2008, explains that with the average person wasting 25% of purchased food, we effect the global demand for food and drive up global food prices. One way to help on an individual level is to use your leftovers. Juul published The Leftovers Cookbook which contains recipes from world renowned celebrity chefs. Another step the Danish Stop Wasting Food Movement has taken is to influence a large Danish retail chain to stop giving quantity discounts. Every store within the nationwide chain has complied.

Juul is a normal person. She is an every day consumer who got fed up with the food waste she was seeing, so she started a Facebook group. Five years later and that group's influence and voice are being felt worldwide. Not only is Juul waking people up to over-consumption and the global effects of food waste, she is an amazing reminder that all of us have the power to create real global change.

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-- Brie Sullivan