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Start-ups And Organizations Take On America's Food Waste Challenge

New Technology Tracks Waste

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30-40% Of Food Wasted According To USDA

It is estimated that over one third of the food grown in the US and Europe is wasted. It ends up generating foul methane gas in landfills.

Much of it is grown and never makes it to the consumer simply because it's not cosmetically perfect looking. Another reason is the supermarkets have to throw things out by their sell-by date, and the food is often perfectly good. Sell by dates do not indicate that food is dangerous to eat after that point, simply that it is not at the peak of freshness.

Then there is the waste we all generate by buying more than we need, cooking and serving more than we can eat. When that happens on an industrial level, we are talking about tons of waste from a single institution.

Meet a few people who are using new technology to convince retailers and higher ups at institutions that reducing food waste is important, easy to set up, and good for the bottom line.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by the PBS Newshour