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Look Ma, No Garbage!

Can a modern family in California really produce virtually NO garbage?

This video is interesting precisely because everything about the look of the contemporary upscale house is the polar opposite of what we tend to envision when we think of the extremely eco-minded.

And the Johnsons are Extremely Eco Minded when it comes to reducing waste. See four months of garbage, for this family of four: it fits in Bea Johnson's palm.

There are plenty of ways to reduce our garbage beyond recycling. This family brings jars to the supermarket to buy in bulk, they use laundry mesh bags for veggies, and of course compost food scraps. They even make their own toothpaste.

Husband Scott Johnson says: "By focusing on bulk shopping and the farmers market we are actually cutting expenses out of our budget on the order of 10-15%".

Is every item in our kitchen garbage right now really truly useless garbage - or can some of it be diverted or prevented altogether?

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Yahoo Originals.