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Living Without Plastic: Can We Do It?

Inspiring Crusader Beth Terry

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Beth Terry is an American who lives almost entirely without plastic.

That's not all: she has convinced companies, sometimes with a single letter, to offer their products in biodegradable packaging. They responded.

She also contacted Brita and asked why they didn't recycle. Their response was "Americans don't care". She convinced them Americans DO care. Beth Terry flooded petitions with names and collected hundreds of the used cartridges herself to show Brita. And they responded too!

"We can refuse to buy single use plastic, and not only that: we can refuse to buy the things advertisers tell us we need to buy just because they tell us we need to buy them." she says.

Listen to this brilliant inspiring example of a citizen who believed her actions would have a ripple effect.

Keep it up, those of you who refuse plastic bags and are conscious of every little bottle cap! YOU ARE RIGHT! Don't let anyone say you're not making a difference.

--Bibi Farber

Beth Terry's Living Plastic Free website:

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