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Zero Waste at Work

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Compost at Work

"Each American produces about a ton of stuff per year." says Eric Lombardi, Executive Director at Eco-Cycle. "But that's not the problem. The problem is that we've created a way of living that takes the resources from nature, makes it into a product, uses it once and then destroys it. The landfill is just the machine we use to destroy the resources."

This is the company that provides zero waste services and influenced another company, Gaiam, to implement a zero waste policy. Gaiam produces an extensive line of organic, eco-friendly products for the home and personal care.

They now have compost bins in the office!

Zero Waste is a movement that strives to reduce the amount of waste in a home or business to zero. It suggests that the entire concept of waste should be eliminated.

To be on the path to zero waste involves more than composting and recycling. It's about being in the habit of scrutinizing every purchase.

Lombardi calls it Precycling: "Before you spend your money -- think about it. Where did it come from and where's it gonna go? Because your dollar is like a vote for the future."

--Bibi Farber