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Tiny Houses Taking Off Into Cities

Could You Live in 120 Sq. Ft?

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Lose Your Stuff, Find Your Life

Here we have the Tiny House Movement and they are walking the walk when it comes to downsizing! These are eco-friendly homes, often on wheels that incorporate solar energy and they are small: how about 120 sq. feet?

Meet some people who are relieved to jump off the consumer bandwagon, being forced into a life where there is no room at all for anything extraneous. Here we are seeing a home with one towel, one stove burner, one teeny tiny closet, and it resulted in one very happy woman.

"I had to put myself on a material diet because I simply didn't have the space to store stuff." says Dee Adler, who actually constructed her own home and now teaches workshops in how to do it.

The Tiny House movement may also be coming to cities! See the initiatives taking place in DC.

What a concept -- lose your stuff, find your life! Small house = Large life.

--Bibi Farber

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