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Lawns Can Now Use 70% Less Water

The best use of your lawn is of course growing food- but for areas where you do require simple grass cover, there is a seed mixture that uses 70% less water than conventional ones, requires no fertilizer and no mowing!

It's Eco- Lawn, a mixture of 7 fescue grasses. They get to be about 5 inches tall and then flop over, creating a lush, no maintenance grass cover. Eco Lawn has the added benefit of being able to grow in shady areas, and in rocky or poor soil.

This is a great idea for housing complexes, commercial landscaping, anywhere people need to use the area for outdoor activities.

If enough people begin suggesting this product to the ones who make those landscaping decisions....

See here how to prepare the soil and get started!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Patti Moreno and Gardengirltv