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House Made Of Trash

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Tour The Blue Rock Station, Ohio

Annie and Jay Warmke in Ohio live in a wonderful House Of Trash so special they even give tours of the place, which is called Blue Rock Station.

All the structures on their property are built with reclaimed materials, and actual "garbage". There are 1,400 old tires packed with mud, along with bottles, cans and plastic jugs providing insulation. They even bought a barn for $200 at auction just to use the wood!

As this couple says, there's a lot of garbage out there to put to good use!

They have a plastic bottle greenhouse for year round food production. Both structures manage their own heating, cooling and water needs without any external help.

Annie Warmke is excited about explaining this concept to visitors: "There are many different ways to generate warmth and coolness without using energy from the grid or from a utility. The idea is that the house is a machine and it's able to collect energy and use that energy without any help from us."

Let's hear another round of applause from the genius visionary architect that started building these amazing structures called Earthships back in the 70's: Michael Reynolds.

"Its fun to build with garbage!" Annie concludes.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Our Ohio.