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The Story of Bottled Water

By The Story Of Stuff Creator Annie Leonard

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Myths about bottled water busted!

The Story of Stuff Project is an engaging and inventive animated series of videos about our consumption. Creator Annie Leonard puts the spotlight here on the tragedy of bottled water.

Myth #1: Bottled Water is better for you than tap water. Wrong! Tests show that there are often higher levels of chemicals in bottled water. Myth #2: Bottled water tastes better. Not so: consistently in taste tests, tap water came out ahead of bottled. Myth #3: The water comes from supremely clean springs in magical places. Nope: One third of the bottled water in the US, including Dasani and Aquafina are in fact filtered tap water. Myth #4: If you recycle the bottle, really you haven't done that much harm. Sorry, even the recycled bottles end up in a landfill in India where they are "down cycled" to manufacture more useless products that pollute people and the environment every step of the way.

Worse of course is that the majority of empty water bottles end up buried in the ground, decomposing and releasing toxins long, long after the brief moments of thirst quenching are enjoyed.

Let's reclaim our sanity here and stop buying bottled water. Sales for reusable water containers are up! Spread the word!

-- Bibi Farber