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How much plastic are you eating?

The Fish That Survive May End Up On Your PLate

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More Than 100 Million Tons In The Ocean

More than 100 million tons of plastic is left drifting around the oceans. In some parts, there is 60 times as much plastic as plankton.

Plastic breaks down into microscopic parts but does not biodegrade. Marine animals think it's plankton and end up dying a painful death.

The ones that do not die end up on your dinner plate - still full of microscopic plastic.

When researchers examined the body of a beached sperm whale in 2012, they found 30 square meters of tarpaulin, a 4.5 meter long hose, a 9 meter long plastic rope and 2 flower pots.

Stop using the stuff in every instance where you have a choice.

Can we stop this destruction before it gets any worse, before "the miracle material turns on it's creator" as this clear and brilliant video asks?

--Bibi Farber

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