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Orchestra Plays Instruments Made From Recycled Trash

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Playing Melodies Made Out Of Trash

In Paraguay, South America there is an orchestra of young people playing music on recycled instruments. The cello is made from an oil can and wood, with tuning pegs from a tool that was used to tenderize beef. There is a saxophone made of spoons and buttons.

They sound pretty good!

"Despite living under dire circumstances, if a person has initiative and is creative, even trash can become an educational tool that could change someone's life and the lives of others." says director Luis Szaran of the Sounds Of The Earth Orchestra (Sonidos de la Tierra)

Imagine: horns, violins, cellos and more can be created with old cans and random things lying around the trash heap. Cola is the man behind these new instruments. He is not someone with a background in instrument building or repair. No, he makes a living recycling trash. He figured out on his own how to make them.

"I never thought I would be able to make an instrument. I feel so happy when I see a child playing a recycled violin." he says.

Turn it up kids!

--Bibi Farber

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