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Food Rescue

In 2011 Urban Gleaners rescued over 500,000 pounds of food from being thrown into landfills, and instead they made sure it went to people in need.

"We pick up edible food that would otherwise be thrown away from grocery stores, restaurants, events sites, farmers markets, and we deliver it to agencies that feed the hungry. It's very simple, very basic, low tech." says founder Tracy Oseran, of Portland, OR.

Urban Gleaners was started in 2005, and has been doing this much needed work and expanding all along. In addition to the 10 agencies they supply food to, they also deliver to elementary school kids in need. They now calculate they are serving 1200 families!

"It feels kind of criminal to be throwing that food away and not getting it to people who could use it... and this is such a reproducible model - we encourage people to do this themselves".

Amen Tracy!

--Bibi Farber

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This video was produced by Food Farmer Earth.