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Green Co-Op in the South Bronx

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Co-ops of the Future Forming Now

"Our first co-operative is a retail warehouse for salvaged building materials, so people can get a cabinet for half of what they would pay at Home Depot." says Omar Freilla who started the Green Worker Co-operatives in the South Bronx, New York.

This inspiring venture that proves that sustainability action is underway everywhere- far away from nature, far away from traditionally eco-minded environs.

This pioneer is just getting started by warehousing salvaged goods, diverting garbage from the landfill. The bigger picture is that he is teaching the importance of working together in community.

"What I care about is that money stays in the community. That people have a say at work. That we have jobs that don't kill people in the process." says Freilla, here seen teaching teenagers about how a co-op works: it's run by he people that work and shop there. Co-operatives are accountable to their communities, and serve to strengthen them.

His vision? Creating a green and democratic economy in the South Bronx. And it doesn't stop there: Green Worker Co-operatives is now holding meetings throughout the five boroughs of New York on a monthly basis.

--Bibi Farber

This is an excerpt from the film "Just Around The Corner" produced and directed by John Miglietta / JDM Productions