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A Revolution In The Food Market

Here it is: the most revolutionary and sustainable model for a grocery store- ever!

In.gredients plans to open in 2011 in Austin, TX. It will be a grocery store with NO packaging for their food. Customers will be able to buy the exact quantities they need and take it home in containers they bring themselves. The store will offer compost-able or recyclable containers as well.

This is a major progressive shift in grocery store history: you can buy only as much as you need, and never throw away any packaging! Portion control reduces waste. Americans tend to throw away 25% of the food purchased, and 40% of our garbage is just from packaging.

Package-free and zero-waste are new frontiers in the grocery industry, and here are are the ultimate pioneers.

In.gredients plans to source the food locally, buying from organic farms. They will have classes for the community about sustainable living. They will also be reducing food waste by not overstocking-- and composting on site any spoiled food they may have on their hands!

This is the grocery store we have all been waiting for! Spread the word far and wide.

--Bibi Farber