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How To Run A Sustainable Restaurant

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Restaurants Are Waking Up

Restaurants are often some of the most wasteful environments.

But the tide is turning! Sustainable Restaurant Management is on the rise.

Animal welfare and sourcing of foods is very important to Helen Coggings, owner of the Preston Park Tavern in Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

"I think that by being more sustainable, we can hopefully put pressure on food supply chains to actually make important changes." she says. They are clear in their guidelines about they will and will not buy from suppliers.

By making some changes to how they deal with waste, a restaurant can reduce it by 75%. This owner did just that by implementing composting, and expanding the recycling to include all paper, cardboard, all plastic and even cooking oil.

Some restaurants are incorporating small gardens on the grounds (or roof!) and some are installing grey water recycling systems. Efforts are made to minimize the use of energy and water.

It makes great business sense. This is what consumers want to see more of, after all. Anyone who employs basic common sense practices at home wants to support them everywhere.

--Bibi Farber

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