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Better Than Ebay, Yard Sales or Goodwill is the greenest way to get rid of stuff you don't want- and get stuff you do.

We all have closets and drawers with things that are not really worth the hassle of selling, and too good to just throw away.

Now there is a website that lets you simply photograph your stuff, post it on the site, and whomever requests the item pays for shipping. A prepaid UPS label is generated by the website. has no listing fees, and no bidding. A great feature is that $1 goes to charity for each item given. Their website claims that Goodwill dumps about 80% of the items that are donated there. If that is accurate, we are often just sending stuff to the landfill with a brief stopover at Goodwill. With Givmo, you know someone will use the item.

At the time of this posting, the charity of the month was the Human Society of the US. For only the cost of shipping, the goodies offered included a pair of Rossignol skis, an electronic scale, an ergonomic keyboard, a DSL router, a Nikon film camera, a baseball mitt, a foot massager, 5 editions of Chicken Soup For Everyone, and Bob Dylan Chronicles Vol. 1. Have at it. Then post your stuff!

--Bibi Farber

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