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Electronics Recycling: Take A Closer Look

There IS A Solution To E-Waste

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You Can't Throw It "Away"...

"When you throw something away on this planet, there is a place called "away", and we've been there." says Jim Puckett of the Basel Action Network (BAN).

He's referring to the third world countries where conventional electronic waste recyclers dump our old goods.

"What you see there is a cyber age nightmare -- it's in sharp contract to high technology in your mind, to see what goes on."

These conventional electronic waste recyclers, although materials are technically recycled, are continuing the cycle of harm and pollution in the process. Circuit boards are cooked, toxins are exhumed, wires are burned, and along with it fingers of the people trying to extract some small value from the precious metals inside.

There are however, another breed of electronics recyclers, where nothing goes to a landfill, and every part of every used electronic gadget is either recycled responsibly or refurbished.

The company profiled here is Relectronics, which collected over 20 tons of recycled electronics in Bellingham, WA. without even advertising.

You can find a certified electronics recycler like this in your area that's held to a high standard of social and environmental responsibility by going to

-- Bibi Farber

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